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Emel Ahmet

EA-CRE was founded by Emel Ahmet, a Chartered Surveyor with over 20 years’ experience within Commercial Real Estate. Emel has established a strong reputation within the industry and has worked in both private practice and client-side corporate entities. Throughout Emel’s career she has diligently represented a diverse clientele and continues to work with some of her first ever clients.

Emel created EA-CRE to indulge her passion for modern commercial property consultancy, representing brands, companies and people that align with her vision and values. Emel delivers a refreshing and personalised approach, wholeheartedly committed to achieving the desired outcome for her clients.

When you work with Emel you can expect a collaborative approach, deep commercial insight, outstanding results and a firm commitment to high ethical standards and good practice.

Emel offers full professional proficiency in English and Turkish.



Whether your objectives involve expanding your business, streamlining operations, reducing operational costs, enhancing asset value, or safeguarding your assets, EA-CRE can assist you.

We offer comprehensive support in real estate transactions, including new lettings, acquisitions, surrenders, subletting, assignments, and lease regears, guiding you from the initial stages through to successful completion.



If you are a landlord or tenant with a lease-related matter on the horizon, such as rent review, lease renewal, or break option, EA-CRE can act as your representative to help you attain the most favourable outcome.

Asset Management Consultancy

Asset Management Consultancy

EA-CRE can play a critical role in helping landlords create strategies in line with current and future market trends to enhance income and long-term value of their asset. This could involve implementation of several fresh initiatives such as alternative uses, re-positioning/tenant mix, leasing activity, reconfigurations, or development projects.